Standard Heirloom Seed Bank

We are proud to offer you our Standard Seed Bank. It offers 21 Varieties of heirloom, Non-hybrid seeds. Below is a list of the seeds contained in the kit and the seed count. Each seed bank is hand inspected and packaged in the state of Indiana. It contains 100% Non-GMO seeds produced by US farmers. These seeds are packaged in resealable Mylar Bags that are super durable and resistant to extreme heat and cold. Resealable packaging allows you to start planting your crisis garden immediately, and store the rest of the seeds to be used at a later time. We guarantee a high germination rate for up to 5 years for all of our heirloom seeds. We include a simple instruction sheet on how to properly store your seeds for the longest shelf life.

Don't be fooled by the seed count of our competitors seed banks! Many survival seed vendors inflate their seed count by including 10,000 seeds of a cheap variety, and only giving 50 or less of an expensive one! Our kits give an equal amount of seeds regardless of the cost of the seed variety!

All seeds come individually packaged and housed in a resealable mylar bag. The Wondersoil fertilizer pellets are also included inside.

Standard Seed Bank
25 Wonder Soil Expanding Wafers ($10.00 Value) Free With Every Order!
Wonder Soil Expanding Wafers

Wonder Soil® is an eco-conscious soilless potting medium that is made from renewable coconut coir fiber, worm castings, Biosol® natural fertilizer, mycorrhizae, kelp and water-saving polymer crystals. This biodegradable potting medium maximizes growing success for both the professional and hobby grower.

• This dehydrated, compressed medium will expand up to 9 times its volume when water is added.
• Reduces watering and fertilizing costs by up to 50%.
• Produces a soiless medium with a perfect balance of water-to-air ratio.
• Completely safe for use around children and pets.
• Produces stronger seedlings with larger root systems, as well as healthier transplanted and potted crops.
• Reduces soil erosion and compaction.
• Lightweight, easy to use and contains no fillers.
• Made in USA.

All Seeds have a high germination rate and can be stored up to 5 years. Our Seeds come from local farmers in the US and are hand packed in Indiana. We only offer 100% Heirloom, Non-hybrid seeds that are guaranteed to produce offspring. Be sure to visit our Gardening Video section for tips on how to get started with your garden. We also have a blog that offers daily updates on gardening and ways to protect yourself from a food crisis.

If a variety of seed is out of stock, we will substitute with a seed type of equal or greater value.

All orders will be delivered within 2-3 business days.

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