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Protect your family by ordering one of our heirloom seed banks.  Our seeds allow you to plant enough fruits & vegetables to ensure your survival.  Seed bank kits offer you up to 32 varieties of heirloom vegetable seeds.  These seeds come from local farmers in Indiana, and are perfect to use if you encounter a food emergency.  Seed bank supplies are one of the best investments for food security because they take up little space, and are capable of producing a renewable food resource.

Based on a recent report by National Geographic, there has been a 93% decline in the varieties of heirloom seeds.  The Chart below demonstrates the importance of having a seed bank full of heirlooms varieties. Our seeds are sealed in Mylar, and packaged for long term storage.  We offer everything you need to ensure you will have a large variety and quantity of non-hybrid seeds at an affordable price for up to 10 years!


Source: National Geographic

We are dedicated to providing our customers the best heirloom seeds on the market. Our Deluxe kit contains enough seeds to plant 1 full acre of food, and can greatly increase your chances of survival.  Seed Bank kits come many sizes to fit any budget, we also carry a Standard Sized kit containing half that amount of our deluxe heirloom seed bank.  Owning one of our heirloom seed banks provide access to a renewable food resource that can provide fresh fruits & vegetables during an emergency.  Seed Bank kits will begin to produce a balance of legumes, fruits and vegetables. A diet consisting of what is produced by our heirloom seed bank can provide the body with the protein and vitamins it needs to meet our daily nutrition requirements.

The Deluxe Heirloom Seed Bank contains: 32 Varieties of the most popular heirloom seeds among gardeners.  Our seed bank kits are comprised of seeds that will produce vegetables that contain nutrients that will help nourish your body and give you a better chance of survival.  Seeds are hand inspected and packaged in the state of Indiana. Our Standard Heirloom Seed Bank offers half that amount. Both contain 100% Non-Hybrid seeds produced by US farmers. These seeds are packaged in resealable mylar lined containers that are super durable and resistant to severe heat and cold. We guarantee a high germination rate for up to 10 years for all of our heirloom seeds.

We Offer The Following Heirloom Seed Varieties:

Deluxe Seed Bank Contents:
Okra SeedsOkra Seeds: 5 Grams, 100 Seeds
Swiss Chard Seeds Swiss Chard “Fordhook”: 5 Grams, 450 Seeds
Lettuce Seeds Lettuce “Black Seeded Simpson”: 5 Grams, 4,200 Seeds
Corn Seeds Corn “Golden Beauty: 7 Grams, 30 Seeds
Blackeyed PeasBlack Eyed Peas: 1 Ounce, 150 Seeds
Kale Seeds Kale “Blue Curled Scotch”: 5 Grams, 1,930 Seeds
Summer Squash Summer Squash “Black Beauty”: 7 Grams, 45 Seeds
Radish Seeds Radish “Cherry Belle”: 7 Grams, 850 Seeds
Cauliflower Seeds Cauliflower “Snowball”: 7 Grams, 2,100 Seeds
Red Kidney BeansRed Kidney Beans: 1 Ounce, 110 Seeds
Collard Greens Seeds Collard Greens “Morris Heading”: 5 Grams, 1,925 Seeds
Honeydew Melon SeedsHoneydew Melon: 5 Grams, 200 Seeds
Lima BeansLarge Lima Beans: 1 Ounce, 30 Seeds
Carrot Seeds Carrot “Danvers 126″: 5 Grams, 3,375 Seeds
Lettuce Seeds Lettuce “Buttercrunch”: 5 Grams, 4,200 Seeds
Broccoli Broccoli “Waltham 29″: 5 Grams, 2,205 Seeds
Peas Peas “Sugar Snap”: 7 Grams, 30 Seeds
Navy BeansNavy Beans: 1 Ounce, 200 Seeds
Watermelon Seeds Watermelon “Congo”: 7 Grams, 95 Seeds
Great Northern BeansGreat Northern Beans 1 Ounce, 100 Seeds
Cabbage Seeds Cabbage “Brunswick”: 5 Grams 2,100 Seeds
Onion Seeds Onion Seeds “Red Grano”: 5 Grams, 2,100 Seeds
Black BeansBlack Beans: 1 Ounce, 275 Seeds
Tomato Seeds Tomato Seeds “Marglobe”: 5 Grams, 2,275 Seeds
Summer Squash Summer Squash “Crookneck”: 7 Grams, 90 Seeds
Green Beans Green Beans “Tendergreen”: 7 Grams, 30 Seeds
Spinach SeedsSpinach Seeds: 5 Grams, 825 Seeds
Garbanzo BeansGarbanzo Beans: 1 Ounce, 110 Seeds
Beet SeedsBeet Seeds: 5 Grams, 400 Seeds
Bell Pepper SeedsBell Peppers “California Wonder”: 5 Grams, 1,085 Seeds
Pinto BeansPinto Beans: 1 Ounce, 115 Seeds
Turnip SeedsTurnip Seeds “Purple Top”: 5 Grams, 2,625 Seeds

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Wonder Soil Expanding Wafers

Wonder Soil® is an eco-conscious soilless potting medium that is made from renewable coconut coir fiber, worm castings, Biosol® natural fertilizer, mycorrhizae, kelp and water-saving polymer crystals. This biodegradable potting medium maximizes growing success for both the professional and hobby grower.

• This dehydrated, compressed medium will expand up to 9 times its volume when water is added.
• Reduces watering and fertilizing costs by up to 50%.
• Produces a soiless medium with a perfect balance of water-to-air ratio.
• Completely safe for use around children and pets.
• Produces stronger seedlings with larger root systems, as well as healthier transplanted and potted crops.
• Reduces soil erosion and compaction.
• Lightweight, easy to use and contains no fillers.
• Made in USA.

All Seeds have a high germination rate and can be stored up to 10 years. Our Seeds come from local farmers in the US and are hand packed in Indiana. We only offer 100% Heirloom, Non-hybrid seeds that are guaranteed to produce offspring. Be sure to visit our Gardening Video section for tips on how to get started with your garden. We also have a blog that offers daily updates on gardening and ways to protect yourself from a food crisis.

If a variety of seed is out of stock, we will substitute with a seed type of equal or greater value.
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